Title 24 Part 6 Essentials - Standards and Technology for Residential Lighting


 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Pacific Energy Center

851 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

This class explains the 2016 lighting building energy code requirements for new and remodeled residential spaces. Topics also include: PG&E lighting rebates and emerging technologies such as LEDs.


Introduction and Safety Announcements

  • Part 1: Technology Overview

            Common lighting terminology

            Main lighting technologies that apply to Title 24

  • Part 2: Background and Policy

            Why Title 24?
            Savings opportunities
            Benefits and results

  • Part 3: Lighting Design Guide

           Title 24 residential lighting regulation
           Demonstrations of energy-efficient lighting technologies

  • Part 4: Compliance Process

           Step-by-step walk-through of the Title 24 compliance process

  • Part 5: Updates, Forecast and Additional Resources

         CEC forecast of updates to the code
        Additional Title 24 resource.

  •  Wrap-up, Q&A, Post-course evaluation


The objective of this educational program is that at the conclusion participants will be able to: 1. Effectively apply the residential lighting 2016 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards requirements. 2. Apply the appropriate compliance methodology and procedures in professional practice. 3. Identify current lighting technologies, including LED luminaires, that are available to fulfill 2016 code requirements. 4. Access resources through utility and lighting technology training centers for continued professional development.

This course is worth 5.5. AIA continuing education units and is offered at no cost through PG&E's Energy Education Classes.



Staff Contact

Nicole Graeber, LC

Senior Development Engineer
(530) 747-3847