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CLTC Partners with California Community Colleges to Advance Lighting Systems Education and Training

Published: Tue, 09/20/2016

Leaders from the California Community Colleges met this week at CLTC to discuss advanced lighting curriculum and training materials for contractors and building professionals of the future. CLTC Director Michael Siminovitch hosted the team and urged collaboration with industry partners on training students with new, energy efficient technologies in their classrooms. 

CLTC’s Advanced Daylight Lab Receives a Facelift

Published: Tue, 09/20/2016

As part of current research sponsored by Southern California Edison, CLTC is updating its Advanced Daylighting Lab to include dynamic fenestration and integration of electric lighting and HVAC systems.  Activities are being conducted in collaboration with ready-to-integrate manufacturing partners so that new systems can more quickly and effectively transition to the commercial market.

More information on current research efforts with SCE can be found here.

CLTC Constructs Instrumentation for Consumer Preference Study

Published: Fri, 08/19/2016
Consumer Preference

On behalf of the California Energy Commission, CLTC researchers are working to understand consumer preference of select lighting performance metrics.  The residential vanity is identified as a critical application where consumer preference is a key factor in successfully migrating concepts from the lab to the market place resulting in sustained energy savings. 

As part of this consumer preference study, CLTC will be sending out a digital survey to gather your consumer preference. 

Eaton Launches New Product at CLTC Showcase

Published: Tue, 08/09/2016

Eaton Corporation, a long-time CLTC affiliate, recently hosted a product launch at CLTC for their HALO® Modular LED (ML) Series! Eaton led a lively discussion surrounding their California compliant products and approach to IES TM-30-15, a guideline for the evaluation of light source color rendition.

The ML product line delivers 900 lumens and features a minimum CRI of 90. These products can be used to meet the IECC and the California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards related to the use of high-efficacy luminaires.

New Research Addresses Integrated Building Control Systems

Published: Fri, 07/22/2016

CLTC is developing an integrated building control system for existing commerical buildings. To date, few research efforts have accounted for the interdependence of lighting, fenestration and HVAC systems and the consideration of HVAC status in an integrated approach to optimize whole building energy-efficiency via a single, unified control platform. 

CLTC at LIGHTFAIR International 2016

Published: Wed, 06/15/2016
CLTC at LIGHTFAIR International 2016

Over 25,000 lighting professionals attended this year’s LIGHTFAIR International 2016. CLTC partnered with the California Energy Commission and Energy Code Ace for this year’s event to provide attendees with information and resources on California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards and the Appliance Efficiency Regulations. CLTC’s Nicole Graeber, Daniel Wong of the California Energy Commission, and Kelly Cunningham from PG&E and the Energy Code Ace team presented on California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards and the Appliance Efficiency Regulations.