CLTC Providing Key Guidance on Draft Title 24 Residential Standards

Interior of the Honda Smart Home US kitchen, with white walls and cabinetry, three pendant luminaires, and windowed doors.
Published: Wed, 11/19/2014

CLTC is providing key guidance and coordination in developing the next generation of Title 24, Part 6 standards for residential applications. The proposed lighting measures in the draft 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards will increase the adoption of high efficacy and high quality solid-state lighting products in new homes being built. 

Support activities are being conducted to help create forward-thinking standards and negotiate agreement among stakeholders. The activities include hosting meetings with the lighting industry, contractor associations and utility representatives, making presentations to the California Energy Commission and industry, providing input to Energy Commissioners and managers, and working with the Energy Commission to establish partnerships with top-level industry executives.

CLTC Director Michael Siminovitch presented at a November 21 forum in Sacramento focusing on the key proposals under consideration for the draft standards. It is the second forum that the California Building Industry Association has hosted.

LED lighting, high performance attics, advanced wall framing, and high efficacy water heating are among the proposals that the Energy Commission is evaluating. The Energy Commission plans to release draft language on the 2016 standards in early 2015.