Industry partnerships play a critical role in moving products from the lab to the marketplace. CLTC partners with a variety of component, lamp, fixture, and controls manufacturers, as well as with California’s public campuses, utilities and state agencies, in fulfilling its mission to bring innovative, energy-saving products and practices into widespread use.

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Founded in 2009, Lumenetix designs and manufactures UL recognized LED light engines for fixture manufacturers around the world. The araya® color tuning technology received the LFI 2012 Light Engine Innovation Award and leads the lighting industry in the next wave of the LED revolution—functionality beyond traditional lighting technologies and intensity control, led by the high quality replication of the broad spectrum of natural daylight in single light engines.

Lumewave, Inc.

Lumewave, Inc.

Lumewave, Inc. provides innovative wireless lighting control solutions, including the new MWX long-range outdoor microwave sensor and the Lumewave RF network control system for outdoor lighting applications, featuring TOP900 modules and Lumewave's patented direction-of-travel (DOT) function. The Lumewave network system allows campus and facility managers to connect their parking lot, pathway and street lighting together with 0-10Vdc dimming, stepped switching and on/off control using astronomic and time-based scheduling to fit customizable savings profiles.

Lunera Lighting

Lunera Lighting's energy-efficient and expertly engineered Solid State Lighting fixtures provide beautiful, white light LED solutions for office, health care, retail and smart-home lighting applications. We help businesses and people lower their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and improve their quality of life. Lunera Lighting is an ideal tool for LEED projects.

Lutron Electronics Co

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., headquartered in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, designs and manufactures lighting controls and automated window treatments for residential and commercial applications. Lutron products save energy and make light bulbs last longer, making them an eco-friendly addition to the home and office



Microsoft Corporation is an American public multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions. Established on April 4, 1975 to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800, Microsoft rose to dominate the home computer operating system market with MS-DOS in the mid-1980s, followed by the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems.


National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) , created in the fall of 1926 by the merger of the Electric Power Club and the Associated Manufacturers of Electrical Supplies, provides a forum for the standardization of electrical equipment, enabling consumers to select from a range of safe, effective, and compatible electrical products.

OLED Coalition

The OLED Coalition is a group of U.S. companies and advocates of OLED technology joined together to be the recognized voice for the OLED General Lighting Industry in the United States.  Their goals are to:

  • Promote the industry to the government, public and the lighting community and
  • Provide consolidated industry inputs on standards, as appropriate

The OLED Coalition was established in 2013 and can be contacted at:

Members of the OLED Coalition include:


Osram Sylvania

OSRAM SYLVANIA is the North American business of OSRAM GmbH of Germany, one of the world's largest lighting manufacturers and part of the Siemens family of companies. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of lighting products and precision materials and components for business and industry, consumers, for the automotive industry, and for the computer, aerospace and other major industries worldwide.


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