Title 24 Part 6 Essentials - Standards and Technology for Retail Lighting

8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Pacific Energy Center
851 Howard Street
San Francisco, California


This class was created to demystify the lighting and daylighting guidelines for retail in the current Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards for design, building and energy-efficiency professionals.  
At the close of the class, attendees should be able to:

Effectively apply the Title 24 2016 code requirements that are specific to lighting for retail; 
Apply the compliance methodology and procedures in professional practice; 
Identify current technologies, including LED luminaires, that are available to fulfill code requirements; 

This class will be taught by an industry professional from the California Lighting Technology Center, UC Davis.


Introduction & Safety Announcements
Why Do We Have Lighting in Title 24, Part 6?
Lighting 101
Code Compliance Overview
Mandatory Measures
Wrap-up, Q&A, Post-course evaluation


The objective is that at the conclusion of this educational program, participants will: • Effectively apply the Title 24, Part 6 Building Energy Efficiency Standards requirements specific to lighting for retail applications. • Identify mandatory and prescriptive Standards’ requirements, apply compliance methodology, and procedures in professional practice. • Identify current lighting technologies and controls, including LED luminaires, that are available to fulfill code requirements. • Implement the lighting-related content in the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards code. • Access resources through utility and lighting technology training centers for continued professional development

This course is worth 5.5. AIA continuing education units and is offered at no cost through PG&E's Energy Education Classes.


Staff Contact

Nicole Hathaway, LC

Communications Director | R&D Engineer IV
(530) 747-3847