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CLTC Publishes Study on Adaptive Lighting in Outdoor Security Applications

Published: Wed, 11/17/2021

Today, adaptive lighting is considered best practice for numerous outdoor applications and has been incorporated into many current energy standards. However, outdoor areas with heightened security requirements are often excluded from adaptive lighting control requirements and these areas remain lit with high, uniform levels of static illumination.

To address this gap, CLTC partnered with the Office of Naval Research to evaluate the energy-savings potential and end-user acceptance of adaptive lighting for outdoor security applications.

CLTC Receives Funding to Develop & Demonstrate R.E.A.L. Systems for Exterior Applications

Published: Mon, 05/17/2021

CLTC is excited to share that the California Energy Commission recently awarded approximately $4.2M in funding for CLTC to develop and demonstrate Renewable Energy & Advanced Lighting Systems for Exterior Applications.

To achieve this goal, CLTC will collaborate with its industry partners and seven committed demonstration communities in California's disadvantaged and low-income areas to ensure REAL systems meet technical requirements and cost effectiveness needs.

CLTC Releases 2019 Update to the Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings Guide

Published: Fri, 04/23/2021

CLTC is excited to release our updated Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings guide!  This publication provides guidance towards meeting and exceeding California's 2019 Energy Code for daylight harvesting.

Daylight design guidelines and Energy Code requirements are provided in an easy to read, side-by-side layout, organized into sections for each building-related discipline that impacts daylight performance from building siting, through architectural and interior design, to construction, commissioning and operation. 

CLTC Receives Funding to Evaluate Commercial & Residential Plug Loads

Published: Thu, 03/04/2021
Energy & Appliance Standards for Plug Loads: Assessing Current Needs and Future Opportunities

CLTC and its partners, the California Energy Alliance and UC Irvine's California Plug Load Research Center, are excited to share that the California Energy Commission recently awarded the team approximately $1M in funding to identify, test and recommend commercial and residential plug loads that present the best opportunity for energy savings as part of future energy codes and appliance s