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LiDAR Shows Potential for Increasing Sensor Coverage Area in Outdoor Applications

Published: Mon, 06/04/2018

LiDAR has made the news in recent months as part of various high-profile archeological and geological projects. From discovering Mayan ruins to mapping our coastal seashores, LiDAR is the tool of choice. The technology also plays a critical role in autonomous vehicles, security systems and agriculture. LiDAR, shorthand for Light Detection and Ranging, may also prove useful in common lighting applications including potential use as a long-range occupancy detector to control outdoor lighting.

LEDVANCE Supports UC Davis Annual Design Competition with Donations

Published: Mon, 03/26/2018

LEDVANCE, the maker of SYLVANIA general lighting in the United States and Canada, is supporting this year’s annual LED design competition at UC Davis Department of Design with the latest in SYLVANIA SMART+™ lighting.  Design students at UC Davis are developing and prototyping actual luminaires that use these controllable LED sources to explore issues associated with optics, color control and human interface design.  To experiment with in their luminaire design project, LEDVANCE has donated the following to the class:

Daylight Harvesting Technology Licensed to PLC Multipoint

Published: Tue, 11/07/2017

The University of California, Davis, and PLC Multipoint, developer of photosensors and associated controls, have signed a licensing agreement to commercialize CLTC's electric lighting control technologies for daylight harvesting.  The company plans to utilize the technology to support the development of a new generation of lighting control sensors.