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2019 Title 24, Part 6 Lighting Education Videos

Published: Mon, 12/07/2020
2019 Title 24 Lighting Education Videos

CLTC is excited to release its updated, introductory videos focused on 2019 Title 24, Part 6 lighting requirements!  The videos are designed to increase knowledge and implementation of code-compliant lighting in California’s nonresidential and residential buildings.

Each video introduces a specific topic in the 2019 Energy Code, which went into effect earlier this year:

Long-term Performance Evaluation of LED Lighting Products

Published: Thu, 05/07/2020

CLTC recently completed a four-year EPIC-sponsored research program that included a long-term performance evaluation of commercially available LED light sources.  The study aimed to determine if today’s existing products meet their stated performance when installed in worst-case thermal conditions typical of applications designed to comply with California’s Title 24 requirements.

Evaluation results showed that the tested LED replacement lamps met most of the performance criteria claimed by their manufacturers.  However, 36% of the tested lamps failed prematurely. 

CLTC Releases 2019 Nonresidential Lighting & Electrical Power Distribution Guide

Published: Fri, 04/03/2020

CLTC is excited to announce that our 2019 Nonresidential Lighting and Electrical Power Distribution Guide is now available!  The guide assists builders and lighting industry professionals in navigating the nonresidential lighting and electrical power distribution portions of California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6 or Energy Code) that took effect on January 1, 2020.