California Energy Product Evaluation Hub

The California Energy Product Evaluation (Cal-EPE) Hub project evaluates commercially available distributed energy resource (DER) technologies that are relevant to institutional and commercial customer procurement processes. DERs include energy efficiency, renewable distributed generation, and distributed storage. The project approach includes six technical tasks:

  • Characterize product categories
  • Characterize user needs
  • Prioritize product categories
  • Develop evaluation methodology
  • Evaluate products
  • Publish & disseminante buyer's guide

The outcome of the project will be a buyer’s guide marketed toward institutional and comemrcial customers, but accessible to the general public as well, who can then use the guide to select products for procurement.

The Cal-EPE Hub project is sponsored by the California Energy Commission. The project team includes the UC Davis California Lighting Technology Center, UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center, UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Energy Solutions.

Learn more about the project here.