Bringing Daylight Indoors


Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Lorne Whitehead
Professor of Applied Physics
University of British Columbia

Dr. Lorne Whitehead of the University of British Columbia (UBC) spoke on advances in daylighting technologies for buildings. Dr. Whitehead introduced the SunCentral Core Sunlighting System, a device that harnesses daylight to illuminate the windowless cores of buildings. 

A Perfect Circadian Day


Keynote Speakers:
James R. Benya and Deborah Burnett 

The California Lighting Technology Center's second annual Don Aumann Memorial Lecture in Lighting Efficiency was held February 22 at UC Davis. This year's guest speakers, lighting and design experts James R. Benya and Deborach Burnett, presented the latest research in circadian science and implications for the growing field of sustainable design.


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