Energy-efficient LED Downlights at the Bidwell Mansion Visitor Center

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The Bidwell Mansion Visitor Center (BMVC) was retrofitted in two installments. The first phase focused on the foyer and restroom, where 16 LED recessed downlights were installed. In the foyer, 14 downlights with a 10" aperture that operated with two 13 W bi-pin CFL lamps and magnetic ballasts were replaced. In the bathroom, a 3' T12 fluorescent strip light was replaced. Before the retrofit, illuminance levels, at grade, varied from about 1 footcandle (fc) to 25 fc. Average maintained illuminance levels for the foyer and restroom were 14 fc and 9 fc.

Features & Benefits:
  • The HALO LED recessed downlight is the first ENERGY STAR-rated LED downlight and exceeds the high efficacy requirements set by California’s Title 24 energy regulations
  • High color rendering and warm white color temperature: 80 CRI at 3045 K
  • Delivers light equivalent to many standard incandescent sources used in recessed downlight applications
  • Up to 25 times longer lamp life than incandescent lamps, lasting up to 68 years in most residential applications and 15 years in typical commercial applications

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