Integrated Office Lighting System at UC Office of the President

Publication Date: 

Six private offices and 44 open cubicle spaces on the ninth floor of the University of California Office of the President Franklin Building in Oakland, CA, received an IOLS retrofit in 2009. This site was selected because it provided a large, open office space, a high-occupant density, and expected long-term employee occupancy in the space. Before this retrofit, the office power density exceeded current Title 24 regulations. The goals of the project were to successfully demonstrate that task-ambient lighting can save energy; maintain or improve occupant comfort; and be a cost-effective alternative to simple retrofit projects such as lamp and ballast retrofits​

Features & Benefits:
  • High-quality ambient and task lighting for an aesthetically pleasing office environment
  • Energy-efficient LED task light components that can be customized to the individual workspace
  • Optional personal occupancy sensor to control task lights
  • High user satisfaction for the IOLS retrofit compared to baseline scenarios
  • Significant energy savings ranging from 25–60% with lighting power densities as low as 0.6 W/ft²