UC Davis Researches Intelligent Light Bulbs


Smart Planet – What types of smart lights will power our homes and offices in the next five to ten years? At the California Lighting Institute at UC Davis, Professor Michael Siminovitch shows us a giant integrated sphere that acts as an advanced light meter. He also discusses an array of LED and fluorescent lighting technologies including, down lighting systems for residential use, and exterior LED lighting for garages and parking lots.

2009 Advisory Council Report


The CLTC’s objective is to produce a group of products, technologies, and knowledge that meets PIER goals of improving energy cost and value by developing energy-efficient lighting technologies and bringing them to market through research, development, outreach, and technology transfer activities. Twenty-four projects are listed in the new agreement, including topics in daylighting, solid-state lighting, and market transformation. This report gives abbreviated summaries of these projects.

PIER Solutions for Classrooms and Conference Rooms


PIER-sponsored research, development and demonstration (RD&D) has focused on development of integrated lighting systems for shared occupant spaces such as classrooms and conference rooms. These systems combine energy-efficient luminaires, multi-level scene control, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting to create optimized lighting systems tailored for the modern learning space. 

LD+A Research Matters: Light Boxes


From airports to bus shelters, casinos to theaters, and streets to roadways, backlit display lightboxes highlight advertising and wayfinding messages in public spaces. For example, there are approximately 4,250 malls in the U.S. According to the 2009 Directory of Major Malls, each mall includes a range of two to 50 lightboxes used for advertising and directional signage. Approximately 85,000 large lightboxes are bringing light to retail messages in malls across America on a daily basis.