Michael's Top Ten


A significant amount of energy can be saved in our homes today with the use of energy-efficient lighting technologies; many of these approaches also improve lighting quality and comport. The following is a list of some of the best technologies you can use today. 

LD+A Research Matters: LED Task Lighting


When it comes to task lighting in the workplace, the devil is in the details. Task lighting has long been known as a practical method to achieve adequate illumination levels for varied individual needs and preferences.  However, traditional task lighting solutions have often failed to meet any design criteria beyond providing adequate illumination levels.  Specifically, traditional task lighting is relatively energy intensive and typically provides more light than is needed, resulting in excessive luminance ratios between adjacent tasks, and lumen waste  beyond the immediate task area.

Permlight Becomes Member of California Lighting Technology Center, Supports UC Davis Class in LED Lighting Design


Permlight Products –​ Permlight Products and the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at UC Davis announced that Permlight has become an affiliate member of the CLTC. Permlight Products is a developer of advanced thermally managed residential LED lighting products used in recessed cans, under-cabinet lighting, pathway and stairwell lighting, outdoor decorative lighting, and advanced lighting and energy control systems. 

Smart Lighting


UC Davis –​  CLTC designed a low-wattage light fixture that saves energy and improves safety, particularly for elderly people. JoAnn Smith, who resides in an independent living facility in Sacramento, says the new lighting system is much better than what she had before.