LD+A Research Matters: Smart & Clean Exterior Lighting for the Community

Researchers at the California Lighting Technology Center are addressing the integration and demonstration of exterior lighting systems with on-board solar generation, battery storage and advanced controls with funding provided by the California Energy Commission’s EPIC program. In other words, “smart and clean” exterior lighting systems.

Advanced Lighting Control Systems Bench Testing - Plug Load Controls

Advanced Lighting Control Systems (ALCS) Bench Testing – Plug Load Controls aims to revisit and refine the technology validation program developed in Phase I. ALCS Bench Testing - Plug Load Controls focuses on the plug load specific additions that are available with select ALCS and evaluates whether these advanced plug loads controllers (APLC) can accurately report the energy use of the connected plug loads consistent with utility requirements/needs.

Energy Code Lighting Language Cleanup Initiative

The California Lighting Technology Center, in collaboration with Southern California Edison, RMS Energy Consulting LLC, and the California Energy Alliance, are establishing a working group of industry stakeholders to help develop recommendations that will simplify and clarify the nonresidential lighting and lighting controls language contained in the 2022 Title 24, Part 6 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

CLTC Publishes Study on Adaptive Lighting in Outdoor Security Applications

Published: Wed, 11/17/2021

Today, adaptive lighting is considered best practice for numerous outdoor applications and has been incorporated into many current energy standards. However, outdoor areas with heightened security requirements are often excluded from adaptive lighting control requirements and these areas remain lit with high, uniform levels of static illumination.

To address this gap, CLTC partnered with the Office of Naval Research to evaluate the energy-savings potential and end-user acceptance of adaptive lighting for outdoor security applications.

CLTC Releases 2019 Update to the Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings Guide

Published: Fri, 04/23/2021

CLTC is excited to release our updated Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings guide!  This publication provides guidance towards meeting and exceeding California's 2019 Energy Code for daylight harvesting.

Daylight design guidelines and Energy Code requirements are provided in an easy to read, side-by-side layout, organized into sections for each building-related discipline that impacts daylight performance from building siting, through architectural and interior design, to construction, commissioning and operation. 

Renewable Energy & Advanced Lighting Systems for Grid-Connected Exterior Applications

CLTC Studies Renewable Energy & Advanced Lighting Systems for Exterior Applications

Exterior lighting generally operates from early evening through early morning, a period of little to no renewable energy generation, which means this lighting is primarily powered by carbon-dense fossil fuels. Fossil fuel use is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), poor air quality, water pollution and land degradation. In addition, low-quality exterior lighting characterized by poor color, inappropriate light distribution, and inadequate light levels has also been linked to increased crime rates and reduced physical activity within the surrounding community.


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