Light-RITE California White Paper


California is embarking on some of the boldest building retrofit programs in the country to achieve its pioneering climate goals set by the state’s legislature and voters. In order to ensure that this large-scale investment is wisely executed and achieves maximum energy savings, stakeholders need to quickly develop an integrated statewide educational program that will teach our public building facility managers best practices and implementation strategies.

Student Spotlight: Thao Tran

Published: Wed, 09/25/2013

UC Davis undergraduate student Thao Tran is the recipient of a Robert E. Thunen Memorial Scholarship from the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). The scholarship will fund research she began last year in Professor Siminovitch's Designing with Light course (DES 136B).

“I’m interested in how lighting impacts health and wellness,” says Tran.  “And I want to learn more about how to execute that in a way that also saves energy.”

The 9th Biannual Joint Meeting of the CIE/USA and CNC/CIE

The 9th Biannual Joint Meeting of the CIE/USA and CNC/CIE
11/07/2013 to 11/08/2013

Join us in Davis, California as the Canadian and U.S. committees for the CIE come together for two days of technical presentations, tours and business meetings with many of the leading researchers and practitioners in the science and art of lighting. All topics within the CIE portfolio will be discussed, including updates from division meetings that took place at the CIE Centenary Conference in Paris last April.


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