UC Davis Student Exhibits at Lightfair 2018

Published: Wed, 06/13/2018
UC Davis Lighting Design Competition winning entry, designed by UC Davis Design student Jennifer Place

LEDVANCE, maker of SYLVANIA advanced LED lamps as well as a wide range of luminaires, connected lighting products and traditional light sources, sponsored this year’s LED design competition at UC Davis Department of Design!  The annual lighting design competition focuses on the development of LED luminaire design as a creative industrial design experience for undergraduates at UC Davis. This undergraduate design class introduces learning experiences associated with product design, prototyping and innovation in the development of new LED luminaire design.

University of California, Davis is First University to Teach Lighting Design Using OLED Technology – Thanks to Acuity Brands


For the first time, the University of California, Davis Department of Design and the California Lighting Technology Center will focus on organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology in one of its most popular design classes, with the help of Acuity Brands, Inc.

UC Davis Undergraduate Daylighting Design

UC Davis Undergraduate Daylighting Design

Classes led by Professor Konstantinos Papamichael

California Lighting Technology Center Co-Director Konstantinos Papamichael teaches two complimentary undergraduate daylighting courses, Daylighting and Interior Design (DES137A), and Daylighting Design Studio (DES137B). Both courses combine lectures and studio work.  DES137A focuses on the effects of daylighting on interior designs, while DES137B concentrates on the effects of interior designs on daylight performance.

Seoul Semiconductor and LEDLab Team Up with CLTC, UC Davis for 10th Annual Luminaire Design Competition


This year, 2014, marks the 10th Annual Luminaire Design Competition for students enrolled in Designing with Light (DES 136 B) at the University of California, Davis. The competition gives students the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art lighting technologies and to share their designs with professionals in the lighting industry. Seoul Semiconductor and LEDLab supported the 2014 competition and provided each student with an Acrich2 LED module for use in their energy-efficient outdoor luminaire prototypes.

CLTC's 10th Annual Luminaire Design Competition

Published: Fri, 01/24/2014
CLTC's 10th Annual Luminaire Design Competition

The California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) held its 10th Annual Luminaire Design Competition on March 13, 2014. Each year since CLTC’s founding, Professor Michael Siminovitch has provided the UC Davis undergraduate students in his Designing with Light class (DES136B) with a design challenge that spans the full 10 weeks of the course. Lighting courses at UC Davis are taught through the Department of Design, under the College of Letters and Science’s Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies.

Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education: Josephine Pan and Jeanette Kim

The undergraduate lighting courses taught at CLTC are offered through the UC Davis Department of Design, under the College of Letters and Science. CLTC Director Dr. Michael Siminovitch teaches Designing with Light (DES 136B), an introductory lighting design course that culminates with students designing, developing and building prototypes of fully functional LED luminaires.

Permlight Becomes Member of California Lighting Technology Center, Supports UC Davis Class in LED Lighting Design


Permlight Products –​ Permlight Products and the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at UC Davis announced that Permlight has become an affiliate member of the CLTC. Permlight Products is a developer of advanced thermally managed residential LED lighting products used in recessed cans, under-cabinet lighting, pathway and stairwell lighting, outdoor decorative lighting, and advanced lighting and energy control systems. 


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