Title 24: Retail Lighting

Title 24: Retail Lighting

This Retail Lighting course is offered through PG&E’s Energy Training Center and taught by an industry professional from CLTC. The class covers current Title 24 requirements for retail lighting, the compliance process, 2016 code updates, and efficiency measures’ impacts on the retail industry. It also offers cost-effective energy-saving measures for both new construction and retrofit projects. Attendees will receive hands-on exposure to new lighting technologies, and they will learn implementation strategies to comply with the code.

Learning outcomes for course participants include the ability to:

  • Effectively apply the Title 24 2016 code requirements that are specific to lighting for retail
  • Apply the compliance methodology and procedures in professional practice
  • Identify current technologies, including LED luminaires, that are available to fulfill code requirements
  • Prepare for the major lighting-related requirements in the 2016 code
  • Access resources through PG&E and CLTC for continued professional development in this area.