UC Davis Undergraduate Daylighting Design

UC Davis Undergraduate Daylighting Design

Classes led by Professor Konstantinos Papamichael

California Lighting Technology Center Co-Director Konstantinos Papamichael teaches two complimentary undergraduate daylighting courses, Daylighting and Interior Design (DES137A), and Daylighting Design Studio (DES137B). Both courses combine lectures and studio work.  DES137A focuses on the effects of daylighting on interior designs, while DES137B concentrates on the effects of interior designs on daylight performance.

DES 137A: Daylighting & Interior Design

In this course, students are introduced to daylighting fundamentals. They learn how to develop scale models and use them to evaluate daylight performance.  During the first half of the quarter, students learn about design ideas and develop scale models.  During the second half, students experience how daylight affects their design by considering different window orientations. That is done through scale model photography outdoors and at the CLTC Heliodon.

DES 137B: Daylighting Design Studio

In this course, students learn about daylighting design and modify their designs from the daylighting & interior design course with the goal of improved performance.  Glazing and shading options, interior surface reflectance and furniture arrangement are among the topics covered in the daylighting design.  Students start by evaluating their designs and perform several iterations in order to explore ways to improve performance. The evaluation is done through scale model photography outdoors and at the CLTC Heliodon.


Staff Contact

Konstantinos Papamichael, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Department of Design