Adaptive Lighting Systems for Retail & Agriculture

Adaptive Lighting Systems for Retail & Agriculture

CLTC has partnered with CIEE to develop and demonstrate adaptive lighting systems for retail and agricultural buildings. These lighting systems will ensure lights are off or dimmed when no occupants are present or when daylight is available.

CLTC has surveyed the retail and agriculture markets and categorized a variety of spaces based on square footage. The project team has also conducted site visits to collect information on existing floor layouts, typical lighting systems and end-user needs. They will analyze several types of control systems for potential energy savings and other end-user benefits then develop lighting systems according to findings. CLTC’s project plans include optimizing hardware and software for retail and agricultural lighting systems in partnership with Enlighted, Lutron and Redwood Systems.

Principal Investigator: Michael Siminovitch

Staff Contact

Cori Jackson

Program Director
(530) 902-8360