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LD+A Research Matters: Optimizing Your Workout Environment — How Lighting Impacts Exercise

When it comes to physical training, the environment individuals choose can significantly enhance their performance. A recent study by Professor Dongwoo Jason Yeom and Ph.D. student Seonghyuk Son of Arizona State University and Professor Jae Yong Suk of the California Lighting Technology Center at the University of California, Davis explores indoor lighting and its influence on physiological signals in humans during exercise.

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LD+A Research Matters: Maximizing Energy Savings with Optimized Dimming Ramp Rates in Retail and Museum Buildings

According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting accounts for 18% of the energy used by commercial buildings in the U.S., making lighting upgrades with controls a significant opportunity for energy savings. When properly designed, today’s LED technology pairs well with advanced controls. One example of a lighting control strategy typically used in circulation spaces for commercial buildings like offices and schools is occupancy sensing, which automatically turns lights off when spaces are unoccupied and turns lights on when spaces are occupied.

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Energy Code Lighting Language Cleanup Initiative | Recommendations

California’s Energy Code, also known as Title 24, is updated every three years to follow the requirements established by the Warren-Alquist State Energy Resources Conservation & Development Act that was signed into law in response to the energy crisis of the early 1970s during Ronald Reagan’s second term as California’s governor.

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LD+A Research Matters: Smart & Clean Exterior Lighting for the Community

Researchers at the California Lighting Technology Center are addressing the integration and demonstration of exterior lighting systems with on-board solar generation, battery storage and advanced controls with funding provided by the California Energy Commission’s EPIC program. In other words, “smart and clean” exterior lighting systems.

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Q+A with Associate Director Jae Yong Suk

Looking to get to know CLTC's new Associate Director Jae Yong Suk?

LD+A recently published their Q+A column where Professor Suk offers his insights in response to LD+A's questions.

LD+A: Faces of the Future

In 2010, LD+A compiled their list of “Future Leaders”.  LD+A editors reached out to more than 50 lighting professionals representing all corners of the industry and asked that they submit nominations.

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UC Davis Student Peter Nasielski Exhibits at Lightfair 2017

LEDVANCE, maker of SYLVANIA advanced LED lamps as well as a wide range of traditional light sources, standardized luminaires and connected lighting products, sponsored this year’s LED design competition at UC Davis Department of Design! 

The annual lighting design competition focuses on the development of LED luminaire design as a creative industrial design experience for undergraduates at UC Davis. This undergraduate design class introduces learning experiences associated with product design, prototyping and innovation in the development of new LED luminaire design.