LD+A: Faces of the Future

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In 2010, LD+A compiled their list of “Future Leaders”.  LD+A editors reached out to more than 50 lighting professionals representing all corners of the industry and asked that they submit nominations. LD+A also contacted IES leadership at the Section level, as well as IES members involved in both the IES Emerging Professionals and Young Professionals Scholarship programs, for their feedback.  LD+A asked each of these people to recommend those with approximately five years experience who are on the cusp of leadership positions (e.g., technical, management, educational) in the industry. 

LD+A then selected 25 of these professionals to be profiled.  These “future luminaries” come from all walks of life in the industry, including the design community, the supplier side (be it manufacturers, a rep agency and a distributor), and the research and academic communities. Their achievements, to date, are equally varied.  Some have demonstrated uncommon design/project management expertise; some are at the forefront of new product development; while others are committed to bolstering lighting education.

CLTC engineering director Keith Graeber is featured as part of this exclusive group of lighting industry leaders.

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