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Affiliate Gift Program

CLTC's Annual Affiliate Gift Program is a vital source of funding for the Center's activities, including project planning, research and development, policy development, and conducting demonstrations and case studies, educational programs and events, and outreach efforts. Annual gifts from affiliates are tax-deductible and directly support the Center and its mission. CLTC also engages in contract-based work, including sponsored research and technical service agreements.

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Interested in making a donation to the Center that does not fit the Affiliate Program criteria?

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Contract-Based Work

When sponsored research or other projects require a statement of work, specific deliverables, technical services, or financial accounting, a contract is developed to support the effort. Contracts are processed by the UC Davis offices of Sponsored Programs and Business Contracts. 

For more information, contact:

Cori Jackson
Program Director


Recent News

CLTC recently received a generous donation of lighting components from lighting manufacturer
Networked lighting control (NLC) systems have proven they can successfully reduce demand and save energy in real-world a
It is with great pleasure that we welcome Professor Jae Yong Suk to UC Davis!