2013 Title 24, Part 6 Outdoor Lighting Guide

2013 Title 24, Part 6 Outdoor Lighting Guide
Published: Mon, 12/01/2014

The California Lighting Technology Center’s 2013 Outdoor Lighting Guide for Title 24, Part 6 compliance is designed to help builders, lighting industry professionals, and others navigate the nonresidential outdoor lighting portion of California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards. The new standards, which took effect July 1, 2014, include updated requirements for retrofit standards, lighting controls, and uplight and glare limits.

The guide includes an overview of updates to the 2008 standards, information about current lighting technologies, and energy-efficient lighting strategies and principles. Explanations of critical code requirements for outdoor lighting and controls accompany best-practice recommendations.

The guide is sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and developed in collaboration with the California Energy Commission. It supplements Section 6 of the Energy Commission’s Nonresidential Compliance Manual, which covers the requirements for outdoor lighting. The guide complements lighting courses developed through CLTC and sponsored by PG&E’s Energy Education program.

Download the new 2013 Title 24, Part 6 Outdoor Lighting Guide