CLTC Collaborates with Liberty to Advance Lighting Standards for ZNE Communities

Liberty Rendering
Published: Thu, 11/17/2016

Today, existing municipal lighting standards in use by many cities are outdated and lack a comprehensive approach that fully supports zero net energy (ZNE) policy goals, high color rendering and circadian-friendly design. Working with the Liberty Development located in the City of West Sacramento, CLTC is poised to reevaluate and develop forward-thinking municipal standards in support of local and broad ZNE community development goals.

Specific to the Liberty development, this includes a comprehensive review of exterior design practices in use today and expected in the future, analysis of findings and the development of a new lighting standard to implement at the Liberty development. 

Many thanks to Liberty for being a forward-thinking partner!  CLTC asks that all cities and developers interested in similar efforts register to receive updates on this effort and kick-start additional collaborations.

Staff Contact

Nicole Hathaway, LC

Senior Dev. Engineer & Communications Director
(530) 747-3847