Announcing CLTC's Lighting Best Practices Series

Announcing CLTC's Lighting Best Practices Series
Published: Thu, 02/25/2016

CLTC is a trusted resource for up-to-date lighting information and practical guidance on energy-efficient building technologies. We would like to introduce our new Lighting Best Practices Series with the release of two publications:

These publications offer an overview of important lighting updates contained in California’s 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. 
The 2016 Standards focus on several key areas to improve the energy efficiency of newly constructed buildings, additions and alterations to existing buildings. These Standards take effect on January 1, 2017.

Guides in the Lighting Best Practices series will cover topics on 
codes and standards, emerging lighting design trends, high-quality energy-efficient lighting solutions, and other lighting and daylighting technologies.

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