CLTC Receives Funding to Evaluate Commercial & Residential Plug Loads

Energy & Appliance Standards for Plug Loads: Assessing Current Needs and Future Opportunities
Published: Thu, 03/04/2021

CLTC and its partners, the California Energy Alliance and UC Irvine's California Plug Load Research Center, are excited to share that the California Energy Commission recently awarded the team approximately $1M in funding to identify, test and recommend commercial and residential plug loads that present the best opportunity for energy savings as part of future energy codes and appliance standards.

To achieve this goal, the project team will:

  • Identify non-covered plug load devices with the most potential to positively impact future energy and load management codes and standards,
  • Develop appliance test standards, as needed, to quantify device performance
  • Test selected devices to accurately determine energy use and related performance characteristics in varying operating modes,
  • Model the energy impacts of potential plug load measures to determine statewide savings and related impacts, and
  • Provide plug load codes and standards recommendations including recommended test methods.

CLTC looks forward to collaborating with the project team to advance innovative solutions to reduce California’s plug load energy use and demand.  

More information is available in California Energy Alliance's press release.

Staff Researchers

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Director of Engineering
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