Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings

Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings Guide
Published: Mon, 08/27/2018

The CLTC is excited to announce a new publication in our Lighting Best Practices series, the Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings Guide!  This publication provides guidance towards meeting and exceeding California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards for daylight harvesting.

Daylight design guidelines and associated Energy Standards are provided in an easy to read, side-by-side layout, organized into sections for each building-related discipline that impacts daylight performance from building siting, through architectural and interior design, to construction, commissioning and operation. 

This publication was developed with support from Southern California Edison and the California Energy Commission.  Support was also provided by the University of California, Davis.

Download the guide here!  Print versions are also available here.

Staff Researchers

Konstantinos Papamichael, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Department of Design

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