CLTC Launches LED Performance Database

CLTC Launches LED Performance Database
Published: Wed, 12/18/2013

Working in partnership with California's energy stakeholders, CLTC has created a third-party LED lamp testing program and a database for test results. The LED Performance Database is designed to help utilities and other organizations understand how the LED lamp market is evolving and identify which lamps meet the Voluntary California Quality LED Lamp Specification.

The specification includes criteria for the correlated color temperature of a lamp’s output, its color consistency over time, and color rendering (CRI ≥ 90 and R9 > 50). The California Quality standard also specifies that lamps must provide continuous dimming (10–100%) with no visible flicker or audible noise.

The LED Performance Database allows registered users to compare photometric and electrical measurements taken in CLTC’s LED lamp testing laboratories with data provided by manufacturers. Users can search and filter results, perform statistical operations, and see results presented in user-friendly graphics.

Information provided through the database will help consumers, utilities and other energy stakeholders identify products that meet the California Quality specification, supporting consumer education and utility rebate programs. These programs have a vital role to play in establishing the Voluntary California Quality LED Lamp Specification and in realizing the potential of LED replacement lamps to help meet statewide lighting efficiency goals.
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