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2015 Lighting Technology Overview
Published: Wed, 01/06/2016

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CLTC’s newly-released Lighting Technology Overview (LTO) is designed to support California as it works to meet its energy-efficiency and environmental policy goals. This guide includes tools to help meet goals from the California Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, “By 2020, advanced products and best practices will transform the California lighting market to deliver a 60–80% reduction in statewide electrical lighting energy consumption from 2010 levels.”

The LTO was developed in partnership with the California Public Utilities Commission and Lighting Action Plan stakeholders. It provides overviews of commercial and residential lighting technologies and strategies with the potential to significantly reduce California’s lighting energy use. The guide includes information on expected energy savings, factors to consider when comparing products, sample products, and case studies for indoor and outdoor lighting and controls technologies.

This newest iteration of the LTO shifts the focus to solid-state lighting (SSL) products and lighting control systems. SSL continues to see exponential growth in commercially available products and light-emitting diode (LED) efficacy. In particular, certain categories of LED products have improved in their demonstrated ability to reduce energy use in specific applications at a cost-effective price.

The LTO is a valuable resource for stakeholders to encourage the adoption of its recommended technologies. Demonstrations through emerging technology programs or inclusion in utility incentive programs will help accelerate each technology’s adoption rate and help achieve the California Lighting Action Plan’s savings goals.

Learn more about CLTC’s and CPUC’s energy-efficiency and environmental policy goals.

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