UC Office of the President Launches Million LED Challenge

Million LED Challenge
Published: Thu, 07/12/2018

Inspired by CLTC research, the UC Office of the President launched The Million LED Challenge to procure high-quality, energy-efficient light bulbs at great prices!  The light bulbs being offered through the challenge cost about 46 percent less than the same light bulbs sold through online competitors.

“High-quality LED light sources help reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our energy use, and save money,” said UC President Janet Napolitano. “We are excited to launch this challenge and swap out at least a million inefficient light sources.”

UC is collaborating with the California Community College system, the California State University system and the California Department of General Services in this large-scale carbon reduction effort. The light bulbs and pricing are available to all campus facilities groups, as well as students, staff, faculty, alumni and retirees!

To purchase new light bulbs through this program visit www.millionLEDchallenge.org!

Learn more in the official press release.

Staff Researchers

Michael Siminovitch, Ph.D.

Director; Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency
(530) 747-3835

Staff Contact

Nicole Hathaway, LC

Communications Director | R&D Engineer IV
(530) 747-3847