California Community Colleges Energy Workforce Development

The California Community Colleges (CCC) and the project team at the University of California collaborated on a shared initiative to improve and advance energy efficiency workforce development to meet industry standards and employer needs in the clean energy economy. The project team will assess and improve existing CCC training programs over the course of this project.

A large percentage of the incumbent workforce is not trained in energy efficiency, and even those that have such training are faced with frequent changes in technology, codes, and standards. The intent of this project is to investigate opportunities for improving CCC curriculum and instructor knowledge with respect to lighting and energy efficiency. Recent activities include development of a detailed inventory and characterization of existing CCC curriculum to identify promising programs and potential pathways to advance energy-efficiency education in the CCC environment. 

Staff Contact

Michael Siminovitch, Ph.D.

Director; Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency
(530) 747-3835