DC Building-Scale Microgrid Platform

DC Building-Scale Microgrid Platform

CLTC partnered with Bosch to demonstrate the Bosch Direct Current Building-Scale Microgrid Platform (DCBMP) at an American Honda Motor Co., Inc. warehouse facility. Bosch demonstrated the effectiveness of the DCBMP, a commercial-scale DC building microgrid that integrates advanced technologies to provide reliable power to the connected loads, resilience during grid outages, increased building energy efficiency and renewable energy utilization.

The Bosch DCBMP architecture maximizes the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) generated electricity in the DC microgrid by eliminating the need for conversion equipment needed in AC-based systems. By transitioning the majority of a building’s AC loads to a DC microgrid, a commercial customer can expect up to 30% lower total cost of ownership, higher reliability and optimized utilization of renewable generation.

CLTC assisted Bosch to design the lighting system used in the DCBMP. Following the installation and commissioning of the DCBMP, CLTC collected performance data to document the cost savings, energy efficiency gains and the system functionality. From the results of this project, CLTC developed a cost-effective, best-practice design and engineering approach for implementing DC microgrid systems in commercial and industrial applications.  A training program for building inspectors and electrical installers was established to support the implementation of DCBMP systems.

The project aimed to enhance technical understanding of implementation, integration and optimization methods associated with distributed renewable energy generation within California’s distribution infrastructure; pave the way for introduction and large-scale adoption of cost-effective and energy-efficient DC power distribution architectures; and establish an effective supply chain for system integration.

This project was funded through the California Energy Commission’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program and was completed April 2019.

Principal Investigator: Michael Siminovitch​

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