Learn Green Buildings

Learn Green Buildings

The California Lighting Technology Center is working with the Institute for Sustainable Performance of Buildings (SuPerB) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to develop and distribute a free, open-source computer resource for green-building education.

Learn Green Buildings is new software that uses holistic, high-performance building models to teach users how to create building designs that balance and integrate efficiency requirements for the building envelope, daylighting, electric lighting, and HVAC systems. The Learn Green Buildings software will prepare students to face a number of challenges that come with designing and maintaining green buildings.

The 3D medium allows students to simulate realistic building models with greater accuracy and control than conventional classroom tools allow, and the open source model will make the program more accessible to a greater number of students.

CLTC Co-director Dr. Konstantinos Papamichael is head of the Green Lighting portion of the project, which will teach students how to design, install, and troubleshoot high-performance lighting systems. CLTC is contributing technical, pedagogical and promotional resources to the development of both the Green Lighting software and the Daylighting software.

The program is set to launch by 2014. Demonstrations can be found at learngreenbuildings.org.