Light-RITE California: The Lighting Retrofit Information, Training and Education Program

Light-RITE California: The Lighting Retrofit Information, Training and Education Program

Public buildings across California are undergoing retrofits as part of efforts to meet state energy and climate goals, including those mandated by AB 1109, Executive Order B-18-12 and the Lighting Action Plan of the California Public Utilities Commission. As funding expands and legislative deadlines approach, facility managers feel increasing pressure to act, but they face a daunting task in selecting from the growing number of lighting solutions on the market. The Lighting Retrofit Information, Training and Education consortium (Light-RITE California) is developing a statewide curriculum to ensure best practices for lighting retrofits are implemented in public buildings.

The Light-RITE California program will focus on top lighting retrofit strategies, including implementation of lighting controls in those applications that are expected to yield significant energy savings. It will also ensure that at least one senior manager involved in public building retrofit projects is trained and certified through the program to conduct a building audit, evaluate contractors, prioritize available best-practice options, implement an effective lighting retrofit program, and measure and verify project results. The curriculum will be made easily accessible through California Community Colleges and utility training centers throughout the state, supplemented by an online education component.

A series of best-practice lighting strategies has already been developed and demonstrated for common space types such as classrooms, bathrooms, corridors, and private offices. Light-RITE courses will give public facility managers the knowledge and tools they need to identify and implement these solutions more quickly and effectively. The Light-RITE program will also create an opportunity for increased cost savings through collective purchases, making optimal use of public funds while increasing the cost-effectiveness of best-practice upgrades.

The Light-RITE consortium’s members include leaders from the West Coast utilities, UC, CSU and CCC systems, the UC Office of the President, CIEE, the Department of General Services, other California State agencies, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), and cities throughout California.

Principal Investigator: Michael Siminovitch