Multi-Tenant Light Commercial Buildings

Multi-Tenant Light Commercial Buildings

CLTC is partnering with the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center (EEC) to address untapped efficiency opportunities in the Multi-Tenant Light Commercial (MTLC) building sector. The project is focused on identifying and overcoming the biggest barriers to energy-efficiency retrofits in the MTLC market. More than half of the energy-saving contributions of the team's proposed solutions will come from lighting-related retrofits, as the group hopes to reduce interior lighting energy consumption by 20% and exterior lighting energy consumption by as much as 50%.

California has set goals to increase energy efficiency, lower peak demand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve these goals, the state's efforts must include the retrofit of existing buildings, most of which have outdated technologies and therefor represent the most promising opportunities.

MTLC buildings pose particular challenges. With multiple tenants, various lease agreements, distributed costs, and multiple decision makers, the operations and technical needs in this market sector are diverse and complex. MTLC buildings include office parks, strip malls, and mixed-use buildings with energy demands that typically range between 100 and 500 kilowatts.

Learn more about this project in the final report.

Principal Investigator: Konstantinos Papamichael

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Cori Jackson

Program Director
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