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The California Lighting Technology Center is excited to announce a joint $200,000 contribution from Toyota Boshoku America and Seoul Semiconductor to support the continued investigation into the effects of discrete color in light on human mood and stress as part of The Color Lab project. Led by the CLTC and the Center for Mind and Brain at UC Davis, this project aims to understand the impact of discrete color in our illuminated environments by researching the relationship between light, color, and human well-being.

"We are grateful to Toyota Boshoku America and Seoul Semiconductor for their support to better understand the impact of light color on human psychology," said Professor Jae Yong Suk, Associate Director of the California Lighting Technology Center. "This funding enables us to advance our research to the next level, bringing us closer to practical applications that can enhance the quality of life for people everywhere."

The research project, now entering its second phase, will leverage cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to better understand the nuances of discrete color's effects on the human psyche. Insights gained from this study have the potential to revolutionize lighting design principles, leading to the creation of healthier, more comfortable living and working environments.

"Toyota Boshoku America and Seoul Semiconductor's investment underscores the importance of interdisciplinary research in shaping a brighter future for society," remarked Professor Michael Siminovitch, Director of the California Lighting Technology Center. "We are excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up and are committed to delivering results that resonate beyond academia."

The research team expresses its profound gratitude to Toyota Boshoku America and Seoul Semiconductor for their belief in the transformative power of research.

About Toyota Boshoku America

Toyota Boshoku America, Inc. (TBA) is a leading supplier of automotive interior systems and components. Committed to innovation and sustainability, TBA is actively engaged in various initiatives that support research and development in diverse fields, contributing to the enhancement of society and the well-being of individuals.

About Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor develops and commercializes light-emitting diodes for automotive, general illumination, specialty lighting, and backlighting markets. Based in South Korea, it is one of the largest LED manufacturers globally.

Photo credit: Jerry Tsai/UC Davis