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CLTC recently released “Lighting Retrofit Strategies for California Schools,” a new guide designed to help K–12 schools and community colleges maximize the long-term benefits of energy-efficient lighting upgrades. The guide provides expert advice on best practices for planning projects, incorporating daylighting and lighting controls, and selecting solutions for applications commonly found at school sites. The interactive electronic guide also includes Web links to case studies, product specification sheets, free or low-cost support programs, and other online resources.

California’s K–12 schools spend an estimated $700 million total each year on energy expenses, including lighting, heating and cooling—about the same amount spent on books and supplies. With new technologies and funding sources, our state’s schools now have an unprecedented opportunity to lower their energy costs, reduce statewide carbon emissions, and improve school environments for students, faculty and staff.

With this opportunity, schools face the challenge of identifying which strategies and technologies will result in the greatest long-term benefits and deciding how best to implement those strategies. CLTC’s “Lighting Retrofit Strategies for California Schools” is designed to help project managers make these choices with more confidence and improve project outcomes.

The guide includes retrofit strategies and technologies that have consistently proven to provide the greatest long-term energy savings while maintaining or improving lighting quality. CLTC will update the guide as technologies improve and new case studies are completed.

Visit the project page and download “Lighting Retrofit Strategies for California Schools.”