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On Wednesday, June 12, CLTC Director Michael Siminovitch received EverLast Lighting's first Energy Innovation Award for CLTC’s research and development of adaptive lighting controls. The award also recognized CLTC’s use of induction lighting in energy efficiency projects and the center’s commitment to reducing energy use for lighting on University of California campuses. CLTC has helped reduce exterior lighting energy consumption by over 60 percent at UC Davis alone through the university’s Smart Lighting Initiative.

EverLast Lighting’s President and CEO, Michael Nevins, presented Professor Siminovitch with the award during a ceremony at EverLast Lighting’s LEED-qualified facility in Jackson, Michigan. The 72,000-square-foot facility touts solar and wind powered parking lot lighting among its many sustainable features. These features won EverLast Lighting the Detroit Free Press 2013 Green Leaders award for Green Building Practice.

In his acceptance remarks, Siminovitch referenced California’s newest Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, which take effect in 2014. The standards incorporate many of the adaptive lighting controls developed and demonstrated through CLTC, “technology that we innovated together,” said Siminovitch.

CLTC and affiliate EverLast Lighting have worked together on a number of lighting efficiency projects, including adaptive lighting controls, EverLast’s BioLume Series, and bi-level induction retrofits on the UC Davis campus.

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