Liberty Lighting Guidelines for Zero Net Energy Communities Released (A collage of images of a hallway, a kitchen, a garage, a living room, and the exterior of an apartment

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Read the 2015 Liberty Lighting Guidelines for Zero Net Energy Communities.

CLTC partnered with Liberty to develop the 2015 Liberty Lighting Guidelines for Zero Net Energy Communities. This guide provides design and technical specifications, application of directives, as well as Title 24 code compliance requirements for residential, outdoor, private community clubhouses, K–8 schools, private clubhouses, neighborhood commercial spaces, parks, greenbelts, trails, sports, and recreation centers.

The Liberty Sustainable Lighting Initiative provides a practical approach to lighting quality and energy efficiency for lighting an energy-neutral community. This guide supports the State of California’s ZNE goal, that all new residential homes will produce at least as much energy as they consume by 2020. It supports California’s energy codes and standards by adopting only high-efficacy lighting emitting diode (LED) sources and integrating advanced lighting controls. The guide includes best practices applied that support visual function, visual quality, and are mindful of the newest insights into the way lighting affects our health and wellness.

Liberty lighting design directives include:

  • Achieve ZNE with a human factors approach
  • Utilize adaptive, sensor-based lighting controls
  • Integrate a high level of user control
  • Use multiple layers of lighting in each application
  • Install high-quality LED lighting in all spaces
  • Improve safety and security
  • Support health and wellness through circadian-sensitive design
  • Integrate daylighting in all spaces where people live work and recreate
  • Specify cost-effective lighting solutions
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Mitigate glare and lighting trespass at night
  • Evaluate, monitor, and verify the performance of lighting systems

The Liberty Project emphasizes lighting quality as well as energy efficiency. This guide demonstrates effective usage of LED lighting and adaptive control strategies for indoor and outdoor applications. CLTC will assist Liberty to achieve a ZNE community of up to 1,650 homes. This project will benefit West Sacramento and families by building energy efficient homes that include energy generation capabilities.