"Smart Lighting" a UC Davis Initiative (An image collage of an art gallery, a craft station, a stairwell, two park paths at night, a road at night, and a garage)

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Phase 2 of the UC Davis Smart Lighting Initiative will upgrade lighting in offices, labs, classrooms, corridors, and other spaces in selected buildings built in 1985 or later. Implementation of energy-efficient light sources, vacancy sensors and lighting control systems will reduce energy use by an estimated 5.5 million kilowatt-hours annually, saving the campus about $475,000, according to Scott Arntzen, senior project manager with Design and Construction Management.

The construction cost is estimated at $7.2 million, which the campus expects to recoup in about 12 years, figuring in electricity savings, and a $1.3 million rebate overseen by Pacific Gas and Electric Company and provided by the state Public Utilities Commission.

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