Adaptive Circadian Lighting Demonstration: Honda Smart Home US

Adaptive Circadian Lighting Demonstration: Honda Smart Home US

CLTC and UC Davis have partnered with affiliate American Honda Motor Co., Inc. on the Honda Smart Home US project. Groundbreaking took place April 23, 2013 at UC Davis West Village. Project leaders from UC Davis and Honda celebrated the project's completion at an open house event on March 25, 2014. The zero net energy (ZNE) home is a model of residential sustainability, demonstrating best-practice solutions for lighting in new construction projects.

CLTC collaborated on the design of a circadian-friendly, energy-efficient LED lighting system for the Honda Smart Home US as part of the lighting solutions it is contributing to the project. The lighting is designed to minimize circadian disruption, benefiting occupants by supporting cognitive function during the day and enhancing safety and sleep quality at night.

LED light sources also minimize the home’s energy load, helping the Honda Smart Home US consume no more than it generates through its photovoltaic (PV) system. Lighting controls that adapt light levels based on occupancy and scheduling further eliminate energy waste during periods of vacancy or low activity.

Other systems demonstrated as part of the project include the Honda Energy Management System (HEMS), water conservation measures, and advanced HVAC solutions developed through UC Davis's Western Cooling Efficiency Center.

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