Algorithms for Advanced Lighting Control & Energy Management

Algorithms for Advanced Lighting Control & Energy Management

With support from a CITRIS seed grant, researchers at CLTC and UC Berkeley are working together to develop advanced lighting control algorithms that make use of multiple data streams, both local and remote, to improve lighting and energy management in buildings. Applications include electrical lighting systems in commercial spaces with windows and/or skylights.

The project team is investigating how real-time and historical data from local building data streams (such as lighting system power, occupancy, available daylight, and temperature) as well as remote streams (such as utility and weather data) can be incorporated into advanced algorithms for building system controls (such as lighting, operable fenestration and HVAC), using the simplified Measurement and Actuation Profile (sMAP) software environment.

CLTC is developing demonstrating advanced electric lighting control algorithms that adjust electric lighting output in individual luminaires based on multiple sMAP data streams from multiple occupancy and light sensors as well as real-time electricity rates.

The research team's principal investigators are CLTC Co-director and UC Davis Professor Konstantinos Papamichael and UC Berkeley Professor of Mechanical Engineering David M. Auslander.                              

Principal Investigators: Konstantinos Papamichael; David M. Auslander

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