Evaluation of Xenon Lighting

Due to the potential use of xenon lamps in outdoor applications, CLTC in collaboration with PG&E, developed an evaluation and testing program for xenon technology used in general illumination, outdoor applications. The research included under this project informed utilities about the performance and reliability of xenon lamps in these applications as compared to Light Emitting Diodes (LED), induction or other appropriate parking and area lighting solutions.

This program identified available xenon products, evaluated manufacturers’ product literature to estimate their performance against other outdoor luminaires, and quantified photometric and electrical performance of representative xenon products in a laboratory setting using industry-accepted test methods. Information and results may be used to determine the viability of xenon technology for current or future incentive programs.

The outcomes from this project are provided in the Final Report published on the ETCC website.

Staff Contact

Keith Graeber, PE

Director of Engineering
(530) 747-3810