New Generation of LED Lighting Systems

A Lamp Testing

Widespread adoption of LED lighting for general illumination applications is poised to be the single, largest advancement in lighting efficiency during the 21st century. Due to its potential, a variety of market actors have introduced LED products and made associated performance claims that have set the technology up with somewhat unrealistic expectations regarding system efficacy and longevity. To compete in this market, LED manufacturers have focused on research to improve efficacy and reduce product costs, often at the expense of product quality and feature optimization.

CLTC is collaborated with lighting industry partners to design and develop novel LED lighting that addresses quality targets as well as energy efficiency. CLTC research and development focused on a best-in-class medium, screw-base replacement lamp, a linear LED replacement lamp and a spectrally optimized, dedicated LED luminaire. Once commercially available, each will lead to sustained electricity savings for California ratepayers.

This research project addressed consumer-optimized design as a means to improve product performance, consumer satisfaction, and sustained use of LED solutions. Results will also be used to further understanding of lamp characteristics that may limit market acceptance of LED technology, and identify performance gaps that must be addressed to achieve deep energy savings in the commercial and residential building sectors. In addition, research outcomes regarding customer preference for lighting attributes will be available to all lighting manufacturers so that they can capitalize on and incorporate product features that consumers will want and embrace.

This video tours the experimental setup at the California Lighting Technology Center used to gather consumer preferences with respect to lighting product characteristics.

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