Adaptive LED Bollards

Publication Date: 

The PIER Program sponsored development of the adaptive LED bollard, an innovative technology designed to combat the energy wasted on overlighting unoccupied urban spaces. To successfully reduce energy consumption and provide dynamic light levels to the surrounding environment, project partners selected long-life light emitting diodes (LED) and fixture-integrated occupancy sensors to create a unique adaptive bollard. This combination delivers long life, low-energy consumption, and dynamic light output based on occupancy. It operates at 50% of full output during vacant night hours and 100% only when pedestrians are present in the area. When spaces are vacant, the bollard intelligently reduces light levels. The product highlighted in this case study is the Gardco 830 series LED Bollard with Demand Response. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Adaptive light output based on occupancy
  • Instant increase to full light output, decrease to low light level
  • Long-life light source reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • Rugged design and vandal resistant
  • Aluminum base, concrete base, or head-only assembly