Advanced Lighting Control Systems: Bench Testing

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Advanced Lighting Control System: Bench Testing (An image of a person working on a lighting control panel)

Advanced lighting control systems provide networked control and monitoring capabilities of connected luminaires via onboard metering and system reporting features.  These advanced features allow system owners to dynamically balance visual comfort and lighting energy use.  CLTC, in collaboration with SDG&E, developed a technology validation program to determine the accuracy and reliability of onboard metering and system reporting features of advanced lighting control systems. The project team conducted a market assessment, defined a system testing methodology, and tested three commercially available advanced lighting control systems in accordance with the methodology to validate its procedures and identify areas in need of refinement. Project outcomes are intended to assist SDG&E and other utilities with future incentive program development activities focused on this product category.

Authors: Daniel Stuart, Nicole Graeber, Keith Graeber, Konstantinos Papamichael

​Principal Investigator: Konstantinos Papamichael

​Prepared for: San Diego Gas & Electric

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