Advanced Lighting Control Systems Bench Testing - Plug Load Controls

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Bench Testing Plug load Controls (An image collage of a person doing tests in a lab, and two different electronic plugs)

Advanced Lighting Control Systems (ALCS) Bench Testing – Plug Load Controls aims to revisit and refine the technology validation program developed in Phase I. ALCS Bench Testing - Plug Load Controls focuses on the plug load specific additions that are available with select ALCS and evaluates whether these advanced plug loads controllers (APLC) can accurately report the energy use of the connected plug loads consistent with utility requirements/needs.

If advanced lighting control systems could replace expensive third-party metering equipment and utilities, pursue a 'pay-for-performance' measure, the availability and use of energy use information could save 2-5% on average over the system's life based conservatively on an ACEEE meta-review of energy-savings technology. In addition, energy use information obtained through an ALCS can also be monetized in various research and development and ET projects or utility programs.

This project identified the most promising lighting control systems that offer plug load controls with energy monitoring capabilities and tested them across various conditions influenced by today's most impactful plug load technologies.

The project team conducted a market assessment, refined and expanded on the test methodology proposed in Phase I to include plug load specifics, and tested the energy monitoring accuracy of three advanced plug load controls (APLC) and one revenue-grade system. Accuracy testing varied load sizes and load amperage waveforms to replicate existing prominent plug load devices that could be challenging to monitor in commercial office spaces.

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