CA Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan: Lighting Chapter

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Lighting accounts for approximately 25 percent of California’s energy use, making energy-efficient lighting technologies a vital part of the state’s strategy for meeting its legislated climate goals. The Lighting Action Plan details the lighting portion of the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, a comprehensive roadmap outlining solutions for reducing California’s energy consumption.

An extension of the Huffman Bill (AB 1109), the Lighting Action Plan's ultimate goal is to reduce statewide lighting energy use 60­–80 percent, based on 2007 levels, by the year 2020. CLTC supports the goals and measures in the Lighting Action Plan in a variety of ways, from the research, development and demonstration of advanced, energy-efficient lighting systems to outreach and education activities aimed at helping more builders incorporate best practices and install lighting that meets—or exceeds—current codes and standards.