Educational Video Series: 2016 Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing

Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing
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The California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at the University of California Davis collaborated with the California Energy Commission to provide this educational video series in support of the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24).  California’s new Building Energy Efficiency Standards took effect on January 1, 2017.

Under the 2016 Title 24, Part 6 standards, the compliance process for nonresidential buildings includes passing certain functional tests conducted by an Acceptance Test Technician. These videos will give an overview of the significance of lighting control acceptance test technicians (LCATT) in the compliance process. 

A downloadable fact sheet covering the same topic is located here.

Module 1: Introduction to Acceptance Testing

Under the 2016 Energy Standards, part of the compliance process for nonresidential buildings includes passing inspection by an Acceptance Test Technician. Module 1 provides a high-level overview of the Acceptance Test Technician Certification Provider program and related enforcement topics.





Module 2: Acceptance Testing Requirements

Module 2 provides an overview of acceptance testing requirements contained in the 2016 Energy Standards. Viewers learn to identify the buildings and lighting control systems that require Acceptance Testing.





Module 3: Compliance Process

Module 3 focuses on the steps in the compliance process that involve the ATT, from design, to construction, to when the space is occupied. In this video, the audience learns the types of forms and permits needed, their order in the compliance process, and who is responsible for completion of each.





Module 4: Certification and Training

Module 4 focuses the certification and training for Acceptance Test Technicians. Other topics include where to find an ATT and additional resources regarding lighting controls acceptance test technician (LCATT).