Efficiency Regulations Should Balance Color Fidelity with Luminous Efficacy

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Researchers Konstantinos Papamichael, Michael Siminovitch, Jennifer A. Veitch, and Lorne Whitehead argue that CRI is the proper metric for use today as a complement to efficacy in SSL regulatory policy. 

The four scientists write with deep concern regarding the November 2016 article by respected colleagues, Mark Rea and Jean Paul Freyssinier, entitled “CRI should never be used in efficacy regulations but a new lumen definition should” (http://bit.ly/2gyozEC).

The four scientists begin their rebuttal by stating: "We share their interest in having a suitable regulatory system for new lighting products, including LED-based products, to ensure that energy efficiency and human value in lighting are suitably balanced. We also believe that regulations should rest on a firm scientific foundation and will explain our concerns here regarding the article by Rea and Freyssinier."

Read more in the LEDs Magazine, February 2017 Issue here.